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Nice Guy Pose!
spandex_rex wrote in dramadramaduck
Beloved denizens of DramaDramaDuck, I come before you today with gifts! I was pondering this wonderful creation, when I thought to myself, "Why, I should be sharing this with other villages besides Konoha!"

And then it dawned on me as I glanced toward my computer - "Nay, I should be sharing this with other worlds!"

The magnificent creation that I speak of, my friends, is this:


What you see here is the beautiful, form-fitting, streamlined speedsuit that both Rock Lee and I wear! It functions for all occasions, and emphasizes the sleek lines and tones of one's body! The fabric is breathable and the make is nothing short of genius! It fits all sizes without ever fitting too tightly or too loosely! In fact, it's so comfortable that it feels as if it is ♥embracing♥ your very being!

And now, this marvel of the world of clothing can be yours - for free! All you need to is ask, and I shall make arrangements for it to be brought to you post haste! Both men and women can wear it. They make for super surprise presents for your loved ones! Don't be afraid! You won't regret it! I guarantee you with all my heart and a Nice Guy Pose!

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Yes, YES. AND YES!!!

I would like one! The ♥embracing♥ part is a selling point, for sure!

And it's no exaggeration, good sir! You've made a great choice! Once you put it on, you'll feel the difference immediately! (I shall also make note of how effective the ♥embracing♥ part is for future offers.)

Arrangements shall be made shortly for it to be delivered to you. Might I ask your name, my friend?

Many have said the same thing, but I beg to differ! Sexuality has nothing to do with superior design!

Hm, something seems awfully familiar about this character...

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"Don't knock it until you try it", as I believe the phrase goes!

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Good afternoon Tenten! Are you feeling well? Finally considering one of these speedsuits for yourself?

I do joke, ha ha! But not about this - my offer is as real as the threads in these special garments!

... I think I've already worn enough costumes for my lifetime.

Ah, but this is no costume!

B-but how so?! How could something that feels and looks so good be wrong?

There is no discernible difference between it and outfits in my world. What is so special about it?

Oho, so yours is a world that has already embraced the power of the speedsuit? Unfortunately my world is not so fortunate, but that is why I am trying to spread the word! As for what makes it so special, I simply find that it fits my needs - it allows me to be flexible while still stylish, and it's made from a light breathable material!

... I take it this one hasn't been worn by either you or your pupil, right?

Oh no, of course not Jordan! I'll be giving away only the newest, the freshest speedsuits that I can provide!

Speechless, are you young lady? That's understandable. No words are needed, I shall go ahead and make arrangements for you to receive one as well.

Ah, Tsunade-sama! I'm simply spreading gifts throughout the many worlds here!

Are you too rendered speechless by the wonder of the speedsuit?

How stylish, but I don't think I could pull it off.

Hello again, ha ha! Are you so sure of that? The speedsuit does not discriminate! I'm sure you'd look magnificent in it!

... Why are yo-- Never mind, I don't think I want to know why.

But it says so right in my post - I am simply spreading the wonderful speedsuit to other worlds! It shouldn't have to be confined to one world when others could be enjoying it's comfort and style!

Uh...dunno know about that. Leeron wears that.

Leeron? So you've an acquaintance who knows of the speedsuit's masterful design! And what a coincidence, for my pupil who also wears one is named Lee. Ha ha! Your friend has the right idea though - many are tentative of it at first, but truly you will experience a change for the better the second you first put it on!

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