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[Voice Post] Somewhat heavier accent just for those who wanted to hear it.
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kendo_taisho wrote in dramadramaduck
((edited to a partly locked post, Second note locked to the main group of, well, this whole group. Too many people to name, but it mentions Kudo so obviously it's locked from teh bad gaiz. People who saw this before the lock can still reply. But it's only a few minute window.))

All right, got a few things t' say and apparently my voice is in popular demand if mystery anons can be included in th' 'popular' category so Imma just do a voice post to get it over with. Kill two birds with one stone, so t' speak.

First things first: Thursday. Never doin' it again, ya hear me? Ya didn't tell me that they'd explode in my face. I think it's somethin' I shoulda known.

I will admit I can see why ya do it, though.

Second: Kudo, we really need t' talk. I think three weeks is long enough, don't ya? I'd rather talk to ya in person, but ov'r the phone'd be all right too. I just don't wanna talk ov'r the net. Too easy f'r certain persons t' eavesdrop.

Third: Uh, well, I really didn't have a third. Half o' this I was just pulling together outta nothin' cause I didn't really have anythin' t' say.

[short pause and Heiji clears his throat]

So, uhm. Yeah, Imma end this here now. Not quite sure why I decided t' do a voice post aft'r all, this is awkward as hell.

[sounds of cloth brushing against the microphone as he turns off the recording]

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Typical Hattori-niisan.


Learn to watch that big mouth of yours. I'm just glad Hakuba got to you before I did.


I don't need ya to pull me int' yer stupid paranoid fantasies, Haibara.

You know that old saying? "It's only paranoia if they aren't out to get you"? You know they are out to get us! You'd think you'd take better care since you're so fond of Kudo-kun!

And ya know what I think? I think if it weren't f'r you and yer lies, he would've been much better off. If anythin' happens to 'im...it's yer fault. Not mine.

I'm not the one calling him Kudo out in public, am I?

No, yer just the cause for this entire situation.

Look at me sometime and then tell me I don't know that.

Edited at 2009-03-09 02:08 am (UTC)

Believe me, I have. No matter how much I try and pretend ya don't even exist, there ya are, fucking up somethin' else. Ya make it impossible NOT to pay attention.

Aw, how sweet Hattori. Don't hold back on my account just because I look like a tiny eight year old girl. Tell me how you really feel about me.

Th' only reason yer not dead is cause ya keep leadin' him around with th' excuse that ye'll cure 'im.

"Leading him around"? Since he and I are in the same situation I certainly doubt that I'm leading him around with any excuse like that.

Yer usin' him as a scapegoat.

Truely your powers of deduction astound me, Hattori-tantei! And how did you arrive at that errorneous conclusion?

Don't mock me. Ya have no right t' even -be- here. Ya have no right t' be anywhere around him.

And you think you do?

I don't lie t' him.

I withhold information an a "need to know basis". Surely you know what that is, don't you Hattori?

Yer "need to know" is that no one needs t' know.

You think he needs to know what the orginization is more than likely planning? You think he needs to live in more fear than he already does? I'm doing him a favor.

He needs t' be able to prepare, just in case. He's a detective! He knows what that means!

You think there's any kind of preperation he can make against them? You really think that?

And what would be th' point of not thinkin' it? Cowering under my bed like some child who's worst nightmares came t' life? That never gets anythin' done.

Then enjoy your delusions that there's anything he or you or even I can do. Because there isn't. You don't know their reach.

And just to clarify this since you don't seem to realize it, but Kudo wouldn't be in this mess if he hadn't decided to stick his nose into something that didn't involve him back at that theme park.

Good reach or not, there is always something we can do. Always.

And he's a detective. That's the risk he has to take. Unless yer implying his morals are a waste of time. And he wouldn't be in this situation at all if it weren't f'r YOU.

OOC: Dammit, that was me. >< With this icon.

Edited at 2009-03-08 11:03 pm (UTC)

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