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[video forever]
what do you want?
tsuntohisdere wrote in dramadramaduck
[In the background, a very pretty girl comes stumbling down the stairs that can be seen, muttering sleepily in Italian. She looks at the computer, seemingly notices that it's recording, rolls her eyes at it and yawns. Instead, she grabs a tomato from a basket on a small table by the doorway, and her mobile phone from the same place. She flips it open and dials a number quickly, taking a bite of the tomato.]

Sì, buon giorno, Father--? [Suddenly, she drops the phone and slaps a hand over her mouth.

A moment later, she throws the tomato to the ground and marches over to the computer, slamming her hands on the table. You might notice that her shirt is too small, too tight around her chest, and doesn't cover her stomach - not to mention the lack of a bra; she's wearing boxer shorts that barely seem to fit her waist.

She's also very angry, and her face is bright red.]

What the fuck did you do this time, you stupid community?! Merda-- [She pulls at her hair, frustrated and upset.] I can't go to the Olympics like this! One of you had better be able to fix this right now!

(OOC: a mini-virus for Romano! He's a girl for a few days, just to dispel all of the angst that's been piling up on him lately. ♥ Also, as a note t-to myself, he's in his own house in Sicily because he fought with Veneziano. ;3;)

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He didn't noticed it's you...surprising uh?

Hola señorita. You have a curl Like Lovino, how cute.

lmfao oh spain, so oblivious [1/2]

-- Spagna?



You love me no matter that

But why, what I did!?

You're you, that's bad enough, you stupid bastard! L-leave me alone!!

Of course I am me, who else would I be?

You're cute when you're angry, you remember me of Italy. What's your name?

A-anyone else! I'd rather talk to anyone more than you right now!

[dsakljf groans and hides her face in her hands.] You want to know my name? It's Italy Romano, you fucktard. [aaand she crosses her arms and turns away so that he can only see her back.]

Italy Romano? Oh, like R....

That means we can get married now and the Pope won't throw a fit.

[okay that gets her to turn around, and she's blushing from her neck to her ears.]


[He's blushing a bit too.]

Bueno...why not?

What the hell kind of question is that to ask right now?!

What's wrong with the question?

I have a ring....

Fuck it, that's not the point! You--you bastard, asking me now just because I'm a girl--W-what, were you really that against it before?! Well, hell! Sorry for being born male, then!

[THROWS THINGS TO THE FLOOR and suddenly turns and runs upstairs.

Spain, I'm afraid you're going to be watching a rather uninteresting video now.]

But I asked you when you was male too....Lovi?...Lovino?


[SOB ;; brb going to cry in a corner.]

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