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Title: The Monster of Love
Summary: When Miss Mitsuru Kirijo is captured by a monster, who will come and help her???
Genre: Romance/Action
Rating: PG for a sword battle!

~*~*~*The Monster of Love*~*~*~

One day Mitsuru was practicing fencing in the gymnasium, because she is very devoted to her craft. And while she was practicing she, was thinking about Gilbert, and how he did not have very much style, which frustrated her greatly! But she did not realize that she was thinking about him because she was in love with him and wished that he was here practicing with her.

“Why am I thinking about him? I don't want to!” She was becoming very angry and conflicted. But, before she had a chance to think about something else, Suddenly from out of nowhere, a giant monster appeared! It was another of the community's strange and dangerous monsters! It was at least the size of a tall building, with hundreds of sharp teeth inside a gigantic mouth that was open wide, snarling at Mitsuru like a lion only ten times as loud. Its skin was covered in black scales like a dragon, but it had no legs, gliding towards the red-haired woman like a huge, terrifying snake! Mitsuru because she is a very strong and capable woman tried to fight the monster with her fencing sword, but it was very tricky and got away!

She did not want to call for help but, she realized she needed to. And so she called Gilbert. “Oh no, I don't understand why I thought of him again!” she thought, but she had only a very little time and so could not dial someone else!

“Hey, what's up?”

“I am being attacked by a--” but before she could explain, the monster grabbed her away!

Gilbert knew that there was no time to lose! He took his sword and went straight away to where Mitsuru lived. And then he saw the monster!

“I will defeat you!” he shouted dramatically. The snake monster roared and dived towards Gilbert (It was holding Mitsuru in its tail), but he leapt out of the way!

"Be careful!" Mitsuru shouted, struggling to break free from the monster's tight grip, "You have to find its weak spot so that you can defeat it properly!"

"I know that!" Gilbert shouted back to her with a cheerful grin, "I've fought lots of battles before!" Which was true because Gilbert was a nation so he was very brave and knew a lot about fighting battles. But Mitsuru knew that even if that was true, Gilbert's swordmanship might not be enough to defeat the monster on his own!

He charged towards the monster with a heroic cry! But the snake-like creature jumped out of the way, still holding Mitsuru tight. It hissed at him through it's giant, sharp teeth, and Gilbert ran towards it again, swinging his sword as he tried to make a mark. "No, stop it!" Mitsuru cried. "You're not thinking properly before you try to attack! Try thinking about it first!"

The monster hissed at her, because even though it couldn't speak, it knew that Mitsuru was trying to help, and if the two of them worked together then it would spoil the monster's plans. Gilbert knew he had to work faster when he saw this, because he didn't want anything to happen to the woman that he had such confusing feelings towards! So even though he wanted to argue, he kept his mouth shut and tried to look for a way to defeat the monster quickly.

Suddenly, as the monster reered up for another attack, he saw it! There was a small red patch on the underneath of the monster that wasn't covered in scales. Gilbert knew that this could be his only chance, so quick as a flying arrow he lept forwards and stabbed his sword into the patch!

The monster jumped with a loud roar and dropped Mitsuru, and Gilbert ran to catch her in his arms so that she didn't hurt herself from the fall! They watched as the monster flailed around before it finally collapsed and faded back to the community where it had come from. And there was a long silence afterwards while they both recovered from how exciting and scary it had all been.

“May I have a kiss for saving you?” Gilbert said, because he is very cheeky. And he was expecting that Mitsuru would give him a slap, because she does not hold with that! But instead she just blushed.

“Gilbert, you can sometimes be very annoying, but thank you very much for saving me, even though I did not want you to at first.” And then she kissed him herself! It was scarier than the monster, but she also did not want to stop. Gilbert was very surprised, but then he realized that Mitsuru had a soft spot as well that sometimes got scared, and he kissed her back and promised that he would never leave her alone again.

Except then he also said “Even when you shower,” and so Mitsuru had to smack him, because there are some things that you don't say to a lady!

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If it's meant to be a novelization of your fantasies, perhaps.

I think that your fantasies are even worse, Karen.

What in the world are you talking about?

I have eyes, Karen.

why didn't you got yourself a girlfriend yet?

Then use them.

My relationship status is none of your concern, but if you're going to discuss it anyway, you could at least know what you're talking about.

I do and you are jealous.

I have a good idea of what I am talking about. Accept it kiddo, you will be happier.

Why would I be jealous of you?

If you knew what you were talking about, you would know that I already have someone.

I don't know, why don't you tell me? Every time something happens with Mitsuru and me or we are talking you get in the middle.

does that someone have boobs?

That's because I respect Mitsuru-san, and I'm not impressed with your behavior towards her.

That is none of your business.

You have no saying in this. It will be nice if, for once, you didn't stick your nose into other people business like you always you.

Whatever. if you have one can you keep your eyes to that person? it will be the best. For you.

That you think I should ignore what's going on in my friends' lives says considerably more about me than it does about you.

And stop implying ridiculous things.

You don't do this because you are friends, you do this for less innocent reasons and also because you love to tell everyone how to live their lives and what to do. Solve your own problems and then lecture people, kiddo.

Stop being so annoying.

Just because you aren't capable of forming a non-sexual relationship with a woman does not mean that the same applies to everyone else. I look out for my friends, because I care about them, and from what I'm seeing now, I have every reason to be concerned.

Please take any arguments to your own posts, everyone!

[ this thread is now IC-ly frozen :'D ]

You're hot for girls, do I need to write it in capital letters?

I realize this comes as a surprise to you, but I have a personality beyond my sexual orientation.

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