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[Video] Have a Drunk Spain..who is kind of flirty when he's like that.
Halo Thar- I'm bringing sexy back
land_of_the_sun wrote in dramadramaduck
[You see Spain, his chin resting in his hand as he smiles, very catlike, to the camera. His green eyes are a bit dilated and bright.]

Hola community. How are you all? Here in my home everyone is having fun.

[Spain moves the camera and it focuses in the rest of the nations, most of them drunk, celebrating the bachelor party Prussia organized for Belarus and America. America is still tied up in a chair and Belarus is practically passed out next to him, Canada is talking with Prussia, Germany and north Italy are nearby... Spain moves the camera again.]

......everyone except me, which is a shame because I love company. So, I thought I could talk to you all. Did I ever explained why I am called the land of passion? Or what happened here during the The Madrilenian movement? [He smiles even more.] Those were some interesting years.

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That's too bad, you should be having fun, Spain.

What happened during the Madrilenian movement?

If only, You should come to visit me, Mag [His voice is amused.]

Oh that movement...it happened after the dictatorship, int he years of the during the Spanish transition. [He giggles.] We all got a bit excited about the new..ah..freedom, to put it that way.

Well, I'd hate to intrude if I wasn't invited.

Oh my. Dare I ask what what you mean?

Why are you the land of passion, Spain-dono?

Because we Spaniard are very passionate in anything we do. [Have a smile.`You look lovely today Kanna, but you look lovely always too.

That looks like some party.

Corinthian~ [Enjoy that Spanish accent, it's heavier when he is drunk.] It's good to see your lovely face. Oh it's quite of a party, you should come over.

Thanks, but maybe another time. I've got a few other things I'll need to do today.

Mister Antonio ♥!

Why don't you join in the....'fun'? It seems like a very... strange party.

[A wave and a huge smile for you :>] Eyyy hola Vanilla! how's everything going pretty lady?

Oh because everyone has someone and they're busy chatting or making out or drinking until they pass out.

[Video because it's moe]

[ Have a cheerful smile back, and a light blush at being called 'pretty' and a 'lady'. ]

I'm doing very good, thank you. I just had several outfits made for me.

You're... all alone?! That is not fun at all!!

Why aren't you having fun there?

[A happy smile.] Hola Maraich!

Yes yes I am. You look lovely today, did you changed your hair?

No, it's the same as always.

A shame you are not enjoying the party at your own place. Are you alright?

Gil kind of forced it into my place..oh I'm perfect! How are you today, Rose?

Somehow, Prussia doing that does not surprise me. I am well.

Are you sure you are alright? You seem a bit off.

What kind of crazy party is that? I mean...are you really lonely with all those people there?

A bachelor party of course! Uh..well everyone is busy with someone.

Hello. That looks like some wild party. Man.

No, I don't believe you did explain why you're 'the land of passion'

You can join us if you want, Croker.

Because Spaniards are passionate people, in everything we do. [Have a smirk.]

[She sees him moping and just hugs him from behind.]

Heey what're you doing moping here all by yourself?

[OH sudden hugs! He laughs.]

Hugnaryyyy! I wasn't moping..ok..maybe a bit..

guess who read all of the other comments


the fuck

are you doing

Guess who's to drunk to care or notice

LOVIIIII~ Why you didn't come to the party?

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