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[Video Post - Public Service Announcement]
truthinfortune wrote in dramadramaduck
[There is a pile of pastel colored envelopes on Naoto's bed. Due to the coloring and various little heart-shaped stickers, one can easily deduce that these are love notes. There are also several ribbon-tied candy boxes, too.]

This is an Official Cease and Desist Order Against All Declarations of Romantic Intent.

I, Naoto Shirogane, Sixth Year Prefect of House Hufflepuff and Auror-in-training, do hereby request that all persons in attendance at Hogwarts refrain from expressing their romantic feelings toward me in written form, and to cease sending me gifts of any kind.

Not only are these "love notes" a distraction, but a waste of paper, as well. As you can see, any such letters sent to me shall be disposed of in a suitable manner.

[Here you can clearly see two pairs of enchanted scissors clipping away at various unopened love notes as they float through the air. Even her pet barn owl is tearing at one of the letters with its beak and talons.]

I have no interest in engaging in callow love affairs. My duties as a Prefect and my increased class load leave me little time for such frivolities. For those students attending Hogwarts for the first time, I have only your best interests at heart. That is why I created this public service announcement in the first place: to quell such feelings before they have the chance to develop into something stronger. Fall for me, and your love will be eternally unrequited.

Now, as for you repeat offenders... [She glares at the camera.] I sincerely hope that you get the message this time around. Your attempts to drug me with Love Potions will always fail, so I suggest you don't even bother sending me batches of spiked candy. I've developed a rather keen nose over the years, and I can smell a Love Potion a mile away...

[Naoto pauses in her speech. Just barely visible is a blond-haired boy with his back to the camera, happily munching away at a box of chocolate frogs.]

N-No! Don't eat that! [Naoto hurries toward the boy.] I haven't had the chance to check it for traces of Love Potion!

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Has this been going on for a while?

Ever since I first joined Hogwarts, I'm afraid. Usually, the notes from the First Year students taper off after a few weeks, then increase in number during Valentine's Day.

But there are quite a few stubborn admirers who just won't listen to reason...

I see. I was going to say you were being a little harsh, but I guess I can see why you would get frustrated.

That's not even the worst part of it... At least once a month, someone manages to drug me with Polyjuice Potion and change me into a boy... I suppose some overly zealous fangirls want me to truly live up to the title of "Detective Prince"...

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I've always wondered what would happen if someone did that

What? Why would they do that? It's one thing pretending to be someone else, but making you change into the gender you aren't? Those girls are crazy.

Naoto hides in Al's room until the effects wear off

When I first attended Hogwarts, everyone was convinced that I was a boy. So, this rumor went around that I had always been male, and that I was cursed by a Dark Wizard into living out my days as a woman. Of course, those rumors are completely unfounded... But that doesn't stop some people from trying to "restore me to my true form" with various Hexes and Polyjuice Potions...

You're bound to run into at least a few eccentric students (not to mention the faculty) here at Hogwarts. Luckily, most of them are rather harmless.

That's just silly right there. Not everything is just like a storybook.

I'm sure I'll be fine.

(OOC: I meant that canon never really explained what would happen when someone uses the hair from the opposite gender. I've wondered whenever it would change the person's gender or just look like a gender-bent version of that person.)

Precisely. Sometimes, I wonder if some people take my title as "Detective Prince" a bit too seriously at times...

Ah, you're a First Year student, aren't you? Which House were you Sorted into?

((OOC: I'm pretty sure it changes your sex, since it appears that using a hair from someone indicates a genetic element. Meaning, you become a biological copy of that person. I think.))

At least it's a decent nickname that gets attention. Mine isn't nearly as cool.

Yes I am. I got sorted into Gryffindor.

(OOC: I guess it would make sense since we've seen what happened to Herminoe when she used the hairs from a cat and become partly cat.)

Well, I'm training to become an Auror, so I find myself investigating various delinquent activities as part of my duties as a Prefect. I suppose it's good practice for the real world.

Ah, Gryffindor. A good House to be in. I know several people Sorted into that House, many of which I consider good friends of mine.

It makes sense. I just want to follow my father's footsteps to become a pro Quidditch player.

I'm kinda surprised that I ended up in Gryffindor to be honest. I thought I would end up in Hufflepuff, but according to the Sorting Hat I have some courage in me apparently.

I wish you the best of luck with that! I'm also following in my father's footsteps...

Hufflepuff is for those who place loyalty and hard work above all else. The reason I'm training to become an Auror is so that I can help others. If not for that reason, I would have been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Thank you and I hope you succeed too.

That's a very good reason to have. I did almost get sorted into Ravenclaw too.

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