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textmeurscandal wrote in dramadramaduck


- if your character would not submit their name ICLY, just stick "SUBMITTED BY GOSSIP GIRL" in the title. However, active participation is encouraged!!

- if your character fails to answer truthfully to a truth: they lose clothes until they actually do reply with a truth.
- if your character does not perform a dare: they get bad juju until they do. what does that mean? bad luck. REALLY BAD LUCK. and then (if you want), when your character does do the dare, a video gets posted and the entire comm gets to laugh at them..

- this is not common knowledge.


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You're in a school, right? I dare you to approach the schoolmate you dislike the most and allow him to punch you in the face, with you making no retaliation whatsoever, physical or magical.

[James's angered expression shows his contempt as he walks over to Snape and after a moment get a punch in the face. He whispers something in Snape's ear before leaving, fixing his broken nose with a tap of his wand.]

[Zapp laughs for a while, but then becomes suspicious.]

What did you whisper to that guy? If it was some sort of retaliation, then you've not properly done what I dared you to do, and will have to do it over!

It wasn't physical or magical. It was legal.

My turn?

Ha! I didn't post here, you don't GET a shot at me!

[OOC: And just then Gossip Girl posted for Zapp. Go to his post to get even.]

I didn't post here either.

[OOC: Goes!]

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