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[Accidental video| locked from Finn and Santana | visible for the rest] SPOILERS For the NBK epp
notasinglelady wrote in dramadramaduck
[ooc note: The video is mirrored, I couldn't find a better version of the scene. There's also an additional scene at the end with Blaine, please ignore that part. Karofsky and Kurt will be replying to this, but Kurt's replies come 5 hours later. His replies are voice, since he is shaking too much to type.]

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Good God... I hope you're planning to report him.

You'd be well within your rights. He assaulted you. No one could fault you for making him face the consequences of his actions.

Barring that, he's obviously committed numerous other abuses that are only tangentially relatable to his...questionable sexuality. That sort of behavior should be reported, if nothing else.

I know you are right but...it's complicated. It could do more harm than good.

I will just avoid him from now, as much as I can.

And while you do that (assuming you're at all successful) he'll continue to abuse others with impunity. Not the most effective method for dealing with such offenders.

... [Way to make the victim feel like it's his fault, Edgeworth.]

Sorry Kurt, he really sucks at this. :(

...That aside, I must say you played your part in the drama admirably. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against such heinous behavior, but few have the gumption needed to act on it.

Yeah...Kurt can tell XD


Thanks, I guess. I tried to talk about it with the school before...before it get so bad. They can't do much-...or they just decide to ignore it.

Compassion is not his middle name. >_>

Likely it's the latter. Either way, that's a failing of the faculty. A school's purpose is to provide a safe environment to facilitate learning. Obviously they haven't been doing that.

No, but never never did, not even with the other forms of bully that happen every day.

At least they're consistent in their negligence. How long has this been going on?

Oh, there is that. Years, probably decades. You only have to see the old the school yearbook to know that they didn't respect the other Glee Clubs either.

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