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♚ 004 [Yes, it's an accidental video post 8D]
♚ you got me into this
c_o_u_r_a_g_e wrote in dramadramaduck
[ the scene comes into the middle of a conversation, in a decadent library, with two uniformed boys sitting across from one another. blaine with a boombox, and kurt studying furiously ]

--you should stop studying so hard!

What's with the boombox?

I need you to sing with me. I have a gig singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the King's Christmas Spectacular. [ hand motions! ]

Ooooh, a personal favorite. Too bad they'd never let us sing it together. I mean, as two...artists.

Mmm...so. Are you gonna help me out here?

Anything to get me to stop reading about Charlemagne.

Very good then! [ shuts kurt's book and gets up to start singing~ ]


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(Deleted comment)
That's our school. And it's Christmas, we were done with classes.

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*have some clapping*

Nice job!

Thanks. We didn't realized that were being recorded.

That's a beautiful song! You guys sound so good together!

[ chuckles ] Why thank you, Winry. I thought it sounded rather nice when I re-listened as well.

Cute. You two sound pretty good, doing a duet together.

[Locked to Kurt]
So. You like him, don't you?

Thank you! Do you know Kurt?

Thank you, Jack. Blaine does have a great voice.

[Locked to Kurt]


Is it that obvious?

You two are so cute together.

[ aww, mag, you're making him blush ]

You think?


I take it you like?

Thank you! That does seem to be the consensus... I'm afraid that poor girl they've cast opposite me doesn't have a chance in living up.

Hey, don't dis Charlemagne! He's the father of Europe!

Oh, wait, was there singing in this post? [mock surprise] I'd never expect that out of you two. Especially not a... duet.

That was Kurt. I assure you, I have nothing against the man.

[ chuckles ] It is how we spend a lot of our time, I'll admit. But this was our first duet.

This post was accidental.

Hello, Mr. Hammer. Damn

Looks like we broadcast again, uhm?

Thank you, Finn! I'm glad you liked it.

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