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morethanseeing wrote in dramadramaduck
...I think Ryo's forgotten about this place.

When he came home from work, he didn't remember who I was, or understand what I was doing in his apartment. Even when Bikky tried to explain it to him, he just seemed very confused.

So, if anyone else was friends with him through the community...I'm not sure he's coming back.

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He forgot too? That happeend to Lovi as well. Where are you living now, Mag?

I'm sorry to hear about Lovi.

I don't know. Right now I'm still at his apartment. I'll ask the landlord if any of the other apartments in the building are available; maybe I can move in to one of those soon.

It's...ok. I dealt with it.

You can come to my world if you want. But that will be complicated if you have to leave everyday to go to work.

Still, I'm sorry you went through that.

You're very kind, Antonio. Let me see what my landlord has to say; if I can't get another place to stay, I might just take you up on that.

Thanks.[/Sobs he misses romano]

All right. You will always have a home here, Mag, no matter what you decide to do.

Thank you. I really, truly appreciate that, Antonio.


If you aren't in his apartment, where are you now? in a hotel?

No, I'm across the street; the landlord isn't home, so I thought I'd go get a coffee and wait to see if his car drove up to the building.

I can go there and make you company if you want.

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I'd appreciate it, if you don't mind coming.

He's forgotten about the community. When I tried to remind him of how he knew me, he didn't understand a word of what I was saying.

...oh my god, Mag. Are you okay? D'you need me to come over?

[Like he isn't already planing his trip there now]

I'm fine. I'm just waiting for the landlord to come back...I'm hoping there's a free apartment in the building I can move to, at least for now.

[Oh Dee, such a good bff ;;]

...no. Hell no! Come here. Come and stay with me. I... Please, Mag. I'm not going to just leave you on your own like this! [Dee's seriously freaked out and out of his element. What...does she mean, Ryo's forgotten the community? He's forgotten her? Has... Has Ryo forgotten him as well? Fear grips Dee's stomach at that thought]

I...you don't have to take me in, Dee. I'm sure there's got to be one room vacant. [Read: she doesn't want to be a bother to him ;;. But at the same time, she can hear that Dee is freaking out.

Please, Mag... [He is so freaking out right now.]

[She can hear the freaking out in his voice and relents] Where are you? Are you at your apartment?

Yeah. I. D'you need me to come get you? [He's just going to sit there freaking out, otherwise]

I'll just come there, since I'm already out of the apartment building anyway; I'll go catch the subway and meet you at yours.

I'll see you in a few minutes.

Yeah, alright. I'll. I'll be here, then.

[Ten minutes later, there's a knock on Dee's door]

[He hurries to the door to greet her but when their eyes meet, for the life of him, he can't think of what to say]

[When Dee answers the door, Mag tries to smile but her expression is still sad.] Hi, Dee.

[Dee doesn't know what to do or say. He stares at her, not even moving out of the doorway yet] Hey. Are you alright?

[She nods] I'm fine. Just a little frazzled by what's going on. Er...is it alright if I come in?

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