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[fail!lock from Germany]
chef outfit
gluttonforpasta wrote in dramadramaduck
Veh, I have a question for the community!

Let's say that for Valentine's Day, you would like to make your very-wonderful-and-amazing boyfriend some type of dessert. And let's say you are a very Italian person, and he is a very German person.

Should you make an Italian dessert because you know you can make them, or a German dessert because he might like it more?

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Isn't there some kind of dessert that's like, a mix of the two? Maybe you could find out, and try that?

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Veh, maybe! I'll have to look through my cookbook.

Cool, good luck finding something.

Veh, thank you! I will do my bestest!

Both. More equals better, right?

Veh, that is true! I'm not sure if I'll have enough time, but I can try!

Might be quicker to buy 'em.

But then I don't get to cook.

Veh, I could do that! Maybe bake a German cake and put Italian treats on top...

You can use those treats to spell out what a Wonder Bar bar he is or how fanta-stitch or whatever he is! All the German speaking guys I ever knew love a good ego-stroking.

You think? I never tried that! Though I do tell him lots and lots how wonderful he is.

You guys sound downright fluffy.

Veh, thank you! We try to be cute together. Or I do. Germany I think would be blush-y if someones said he was cute.

Maybe! I need to see how much time I have for baking.

I can help, I'm good at cooking and I have a lot of free time.

Veh, are you sure? You don't mind?

No, not at all Italy. I know a lot of recipes too.

Ee, yay! Can you get a worldhop over?

I can ask for one!

[Do you want to assume he does? or actio spam or anything? :c]

[I'm up for an action spam :3]

[Guess who's in Italy. Knock Knock!]

You could do both or you could put a German spin on an Italian dessert.

Veh, I could do that! Maybe I could make a Black Forest Cake but put lots of little Italian treats on it.

You should make what you're best at. I'm sure he'd appreciate that, although he may also appreciate the effort to make something he's more familiar with.

Veh, that is true. He's liked everything I've made so far, but I want to make whatever he'll like the bestest.

Do you know what his favourite food is?

Potatoes, wurst, and beer. But none of those are really Valentine's Day foods.

The tradition is chocolates, yes? Why not try for something from another country entirely?

But that seems...kind of weird, just because he is Germany and I am Italy. So adding in another nation's things would be strange!

But I hear Switzerland makes fine chocolates.

But Switzerland is terrifying he tries to shoot me whenever I pass by his backyard.

I thought Switzerland was a peaceful country...

Veh, he is neutral when it comes to wars, but he will also make sure no one tries to stop him being neutral. By shooting them. With his gun.

Veh, you like Italian food?

I am Italian, of course I do.

Yay! You're one of mine! I like you automatically.

One of 'yours'? Just because we come from the same place doesn't make either of us belong to the other.

But I'm Italy. And you're Italian.

Yes! Well, the northern part. My brother, Romano, is the southern part.

Veh, yes! And there's other countries on the community, too, like Sealand and England!

Just don't ever call me 'yours' again. I don't belong to anyone.

Veh, okay, if you don't want me to.

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