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delilahs_reaper wrote in dramadramaduck
[You can hear the sound of glass smashing. Over and over comes the sound of shattering objects being hurled around, along with the sounds of someone grunting as they hurl things at the walls, the ceiling, whatever it takes to break them. Occasionally you can hear Jezebel cursing, his voice sounding completely raw and cracking as he shrieks:]

Fuck! FUCK!

[There's the sound of metal tinkling against brick; he's run out of things to destroy and is throwing his scalpels at the walls. Eventually he stops, taking in deep breaths as he settles down somewhat.

And then he lets of a half-mad chuckle, speaking low enough that it's clear he's addressing himself:]

You idiot. You pathetic son of a bitch.

[locked to Lilith | text from when he's calmed down enough to realize he's not the only one who's gonna wonder about this]

Radu's gone.

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Wow, I almost believe you, given what I'm seeing on my screen.

It's nothing. Everything's fine.

Tsh, tsh...such a lack of self control.


Rot in hell.

One day maybe. But not today.

Why the bad mood?

[locked; forward dated to after her rescue on saturday]

I apologize for being so late to respond to this. I can hardly believe that child is gone now as well. Are you alright?

It's fine. I figured you should know.

I'm fine.

I appreciate you telling me. I am very fond of him.

You need anyone to die a horrible death?

Ou. Izzat the sound of a mad scientist getting their "mad" on? I thought it sounded kinda familiar, but it's been a while since I've seen one go off like that!

This wasn't supposed to record. You aren't supposed to see this.

But since I did, y'wanna gimme some context? You can't expect a guy not to be curious.

This wasn't supposed to record.

No, I imagine not, but that is the way of the community, after all. Nobody likes to be caught when they have lost their self-control.

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