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01 | semi-accidental video
that look [ oh right ]
formercheerio wrote in dramadramaduck
[ Quinn is just going to be blankly staring at her computer. She's at home in her room and seriously unimpressed ]

This has to be a joke.

[ You may also hear the sound of clicking, which slowly becomes faster and more agitated ]

I can't believe it, someone's gotten into my computer. This... is just great.

[ And unexplainable ]

This is just great revenge, putting me on a website that I can't click off, because this is really the best form of torture.

[ Sarcasm. And an 'ugh' as she clicks harder and then throws her hand up, giving up ]

Whatever, I'll just get this sorted tomorrow. Whoever did this will be sorry they tried.

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You know it's bad when Kurt is swearing

Rachel, what the hell!?

Not you, too, Kurt.

He's in angry mode now D:

Oh yes, me too, because what even is this shit. But not here, I'm calling you up now and you better pick up the phone or I will go to your house.

[user notasinglelady has logged off.]

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