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darklycharming wrote in dramadramaduck
[The scene opens on two young men sitting together on a couch. Both are bare-chested and they are kissing in a way that tells the viewer they are comfortable with each other. It's not over-heated, nor is it hesitant.]

[For those who can recognise them the pair are Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore, both currently in their late teens.]

[After a few moments of this, Gellert breaks the kiss with a light laugh, his eyes glittering cheekily at Albus.]

We're being watched...

[He inclines his head and behind them in the shadows can be seen the slim figure of Denzel Crocker, fully clothed in his usual attire and looking awkwardly at the other two. Grinning, Gellert looks back toward him.]

Care to join us...?

[Gellert utters another carefree laugh before the scene fades out.]

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Whoa, okay uh-- you're obviously busy, so I'm just gonna-- [ Watch Buffy flounder in a whole bunch of not knowing what to do. ]

I'm so guessing that wasn't on purpose.

[Gellert is shown on the screen, now obviously alone.]

Oh, hello!

Guessing you're uh. Done? Community decided to get kinda up close and personal today.

I didn't know your relationship was like that.

Kissing Albus and teasing Herr Crocker?

Yes. I knew you were friends but I didn't know you were dating.

I do not think that dating is the correct word but, yes, Albus and I are together.

Replies handwritten forever

... I don't think that was meant to be posted...

No, it wasn't. But no matter. I don't have anything I really want to hide.

So you really don't mind that the community showed this?


brb albus is going to go hide his face in a hole in the ground for a bit]


Ah, Albus.

It seems that the community is playing tricks once again.

So it seems.

What...was that, exactly?

A nice memory and some teasing.


Why do adults have to be so very, very strange? He's just...actually staring for real now.]

That. Was creepy.

Ah, my little summer friend! It's a good thing my daydreaming didn't continue...

[Ferb just quirks and eyebrow, yeah that would have been very very bad.

Can Ferb be ten and go 'ew'?]

You disapprove? Don't worry. When you are older you will understand.

[Have a blushing Crocker]


Ah, hello, Herr Crocker!

What the fiddle sticks is going on?! I don't recall any of that happening.

[Pause] This is the work of the 'community' isn't it now?

You really want to kiss me?

Yes, it seems the community is posting idle thoughts.

Who said anything about kissing?

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