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[ video ]
andthehat wrote in dramadramaduck
[ Hello Duckies! It's time for a video featuring those silly pirates. A crew of six (one being Will) are looking very very rushed getting on the Pearl. "Make ready to sail boys!" ]

What about Jack? [ objecting Will! ] I won't leave without him!

-WAIT! [ there's Jack! Running down the beach! Will is pleased. He made it!
....or maybe not. Hundreds of crazy cannibal natives are chasing him down with spears ]

Time to go.
[ "Cast off!" The crew is getting on that boat ASAP and getting it off that beach while Jack runs! RUNS FOR DEAR LIFE ]


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What did you do this time?

Nothing but positive things! Back on my ship, enough lived to manage a boat, Will found me, and a dog took my place. Everything is lovely.

Oh it does look lovely. The sea, the sun....those murderous people after you ruin the picture a bit, though.

They're not on the ship though.


I don't think there's enough of you for all of them to eat.

There is quite a lot of them.

You're calling me tiny?

That's supposed to make m feel better?

Did I say that?

Was I trying to make you feel better? We should make me feel better.

Say what?

Are you really traumatized? I know people that could give you hugs. [Arthur isn't giving you any unless you take a bath :P]


Chrissy, you wouldn't hug me yourself? What if I'm hurt? I thought we had a connection here.

Oi! You're tiny.

Sorry to break your pirate heart. I doubt I can hug you over the network, Jack.

I'm not tiny. If something, I'm slim.

I'll come to you and hug you.

And tiny.

Don't you dare, this shirt is clean.


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I'll be right there.


I'm serious.

Don't be mad, Chrissy.

You better.

I'm not mad. I'm rarely mad.

I'm really coming in there. [ where's the nearest worldhopper he's so serious... ]


I am a busy man, Jack. And I'm sure you have better things to do than give me hugs. [>8| JACK NO. Bad pirate, down boy, down.]

That would be a more accurate word, yes.

Nope. I don't. [ ~gonna give you a huuuuug~ ]

Don't be irritated, Chrissy.

Then find something else to do. [NOOOOOO D8< FUUU feel free

Stop being annoyed and I won't be irritated. And don't call me Chrissy. Is not even my name.

Paying you a visit is something to do. [ really~? can I spam you~? ]

Is too your name. Name bestowed on you by a captain. Captains have authority like that.

Find something better to do then. [ Always! :D]

You are not my captain, do I look like a pirate or a sailor to you?

Too late. [ ♥♥♥~ PREPARE FOR IMPACT in 10...9...8...- ]

You look like a Chrissy.

Edited at 2011-08-31 02:07 am (UTC)

... [O8!]

What does that even mean?

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