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[video] Pregnancy virus
t_point_man wrote in dramadramaduck
[Arthur is in front of a table studying some blueprints. Next to his coffee mug there's, of all things, a pregnancy test that Eames bought him once as a joke because he'd been throwing up every morning. He'd decided to try it only so Eames and Jack would stop making fun of him.

He grabs his mug with one hand, taking a sip of his coffee and writing down something on the blueprints with the other free hand. Then he spits up half the coffee all over the blueprints when he sees two pink lines in the pregnancy test.]

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What does that mean, miss?

Why are you spitting up on your blue paper?

For no reason! [God bless the fact Jack never saw a pregnancy test before.]

There is never no reason for spitting out perfectly good drinks.

Nothing important. The test is wrong.

Arthur, dare I ask why you're taking pregnancy tests in the middle of the day?

Just so you and Jack stopped mocking me. The test is clearly wrong.

I wasn't actually serious about making you take one. And are you saying the test came back positive?


....[He's not replying, just making a face.]


This isn't good, is it?

It's a mistake. It needs to be a mistake.

Well, there are a lot of strange viruses going around...

It better be a virus then. [He's doesn't want to be a mommy 8'(]

Whose pregnancy test is it?

Mine, but it's wrong. There's no way I can be pregnant.

Of course it is. You're a man. [A beat.] Why would you even try it to begin with?

Exactly. Jack and eames keep jocking about it since the last virus, Eames brought me a pregnancy test as a prank, I was humoring him.

Really unexpected ones. They don't really make sense.

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