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05. [Video]
Crying Eye
yagyu_nasuti wrote in dramadramaduck
[Nasuti is dressed in a black kimono, her hair tied up and twisted above her head. She has a comb, shaped like pink cluster of cherry blossoms fasted to the side of her head. Rather than her daily subtle make-up, she has a darker brown eye-shadow brushed on her lids, a spatter of blush on the apples of her cheeks, and a layer of pink gloss over her lips. In place of her stylish modern earrings there is a timeless pair of pearls instead.]

Tonight is my grandfather's funeral. Well, "officially," anyway. My father is the eldest son in the family, but unfortunately work prevents him from coming to Japan. My mother was sent to assist in his stead.


[Nasuti casts her eyes down for a moment and pauses before speaking again. But as she does, she doesn't look back up.]

While I have observed many Japanese traditions in my time here, this is my first Japanese funeral. I tried to do some research on it - [She looks back up to the camera.] That's what you saw me doing the other night. I was looking into what needed to be done so my mother wouldn't have too much trouble during an already difficult time.

[Nasuti's bangs are swept to the side, rather than falling on her forehead. A strand falls into her eyes, and she instinctively pulls it back under her hair.]

You wouldn't believe how expensive funerals are here. More than weddings, it seems! [A strained laugh.] It was even more due to...well...trying to get grandfather to look presentable. It'll cost about 4 million yen, once everything's said and done.

[Nasuti can't let herself pause too much. She knew this time was coming, but she was the only one who knows the true circumstance of her grandfather's death.]

Everyone thinks it was a heart attack. There's no trace of Naaza's p...[Nasuti chokes on the last word, bringing a hand to her mouth to cover the sob that unexpectedly bubbled up from her throat. She wills her eyes to stay open, though her eyes were clearly glistening over the feed. She reaches across with her free hand, and shuts her eyes. A trail of tears spill over her cheeks moments before the feed is cut off.]

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Excuse me. I understand you are in pain, but I am rather curious - what was the cause of death?

IC'ly you get the answer about 6 hours later.

I apologize for the delay. My grandfather was poisoned.

Ah. Would you happen to know how?

It's...hard to explain...

[Not to mention she wasn't present during the actual poisoning act. Only for the gruesome aftermath.]

I am well-versed in these matters, madam.

No, not the poisoning part - the matter of who did it, why, etcetera...

Ah. Well, that is a job best suited for a detective. I do hope your world has decent ones.

It was an act of war. [So to speak.] I doubt a detective would help anything.

[Zelgadiss is quiet for a moment. Serving as a bodyguard to a princess whose uncles and cousins keep trying to assassinate her father, he thinks he can make a decent guess at what that last word was. Though he has to wonder who "Naaza" is.]

Mm. I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you. It's been longer than I make it out to be, I just...I thought I had finished grieving.

... Sometimes it's hard to ever really finish.

That is unfortunately true.

[Nasuti pauses. It sounds like he speaks from experience.]

But it gets easier with time, doesn't it?

... A little. It never fully goes away, though. At least, not yet.

Lost someone too, huh? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you miserable, too.

It's fine. It isn't as fresh for me.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Yes, I suppose.

It doesn't make the loss easier.

Thank you, Shuten. I'll be fine.

(Deleted comment)
It was a hypothetical question. Completely for theory's sake.

(Deleted comment)
Only two, if you've been keeping track. It came up after discussion with a friend.

(Deleted comment)
I hadn't realized we had reached actual conversation yet. But continue?

I wish your grandfather peace in the afterlife.

Thank you. I am certain he was happy with his life, and would be pleased to see what became of the world he left behind.

And what better gift can you offer to him than your own happiness? If only because death can make a gift so challenging to give.

Thank you. He died doing what he loved, in a sense...

That's a small comfort, at least.

Oh, Nasuti. Is there anything we can do?

Shin. You've already done so much.

I feel like we haven't, though. What we did to your family...

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