[S] > Get down to business.


[ It's soft at first, but there's a sound in the background that sounds like heavy fabric being dragged across a floor.


Drag, drag, drag. Thump!

This continues a couple more times until the sounds finally cease. Gamzee speaks, but those who've spoken with him before can see that he doesn't sound...quite...like himself? It probably shouldn't be too surprising anymore. It was hinted at long ago, and things are just running its natural course :c 

Good....... there's motherfuckin' all like just enough in here-- [ some more shuffling noises and a hollow sound of things bumping around on the other side of glass, then a sickening sort of 'splat' sound followed by an irritated sounding grunt from the indigo-blood. ]

MOTHERFUCKER JUST-- Just get all your rihonkulous motherfucking gangling appendages all up in there. DO IT.

[ Audio feed cuts off ]

Accidental Video

[Feldt may be busy at work on something, but since the feed is looking right at her, you'll never know what it is. She fails to notice the video rolling. After a solid minute of typing away, the door to her back slides open and Lockon comes in. He's got a small box in one hand and a slice of cake on a plate in the other. Feldt turns in her seat.]

I know it's a few days late, but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday.

You remembered. [And she forgot...] Thank you, Lockon.

Of course I remembered. How could I forget?

[She smiles and gets up to give him a hug. Lockon returns it, trying to keep the plate balanced and out of her hair.]

((Permission granted from Miri for Lockon's bits!))


Humanz rly like to celebrate the end of their stellar cycles!

Rick, Will, and Sephie came over and showed us how to celebrate it!!! Cliffjumper and Starscream says I'm not allowed anywhere near noise makers anymore, though...
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[Hello Duckies, Breakdown looks very bored.]

I will say this, as much of a failure as he was, that half wit stand in for a leader actually managed to keep everyone busy with his incompetence.

What do others here do to keep themselves busy?


Hi ducks! I'm back!

I had to get a new phone while I was gone since I accidentally broke my other one. Well, mostly accidentally. My new one's really nice, though.

Santa Fe was nice, but a little disappointing. I expected to see a lot more Santa and a lot less... Fe? I think that's how you'd put it...

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Did Santa come see you? Did you get presents? Cake? Cookies?
so i'll curate some situations

first; text.

So what do you know, you sneak into an internet cafe to grab some quick food and the first thing you come across on the computer is this weird place. Sure are a lot of noisy people in here, from what I've seen from all these posts.

Hardly anything interesting on here though.. C'mon, at least one of you should be able to tell me something good, right? Have to waste my time somehow until I run out of snacks and then run out of this place, but I'd rather waste it on something worthwhile.

Unless I was right and all of you just are a bunch of sad losers.