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[accidental video post]
way too happy
27ths_horndog wrote in dramadramaduck
[The Precinct building looks pretty quiet. People are filtering in, sitting down at their desks and starting to go over the case files they need to, fill out the reports that they should and and maybe even stop by the coffee maker in the corner to get themselves a shot of caffeine to help them through it all. Just an average day on the job, it looks like. Until the door of the offices bursts open, seemingly kicked that way by the man standing in the door way]

Are you ready, 27th Precinct?! New York City?! You thought you could get rid of me with all of that physical therapy and desk job bullshit, but guess who's back?!

That's right, it's Dee frickin' Laytner, back on the job, out on the beat, defending your women and children--and well, general citizens as a group, I don't discriminate--protecting them from the evil sickoes out there that are looking to take advantage of them! Now, which one of you wants to congratulate me first?!

[...nobody says a word. Dee turns to the closest woman to him] What about you gorgeous, not even a simple 'congrats'? I got shot on the job, y'know! The ones that caught that perp who blew up the old precinct building, that was me and my partner Ryo! [She just raises an eyebrow at him, and turns back to her work.] Aw, c'mon, anyone?

[Silence. Dee stalks to his desk, tossing his coat across the back of his chair and throwing himself down into his seat, huffily. A huge pile of reports and paperwork stares at him from atop his desk]

Well. Shit.

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[Hello he will be getting out of Berkley's office. Both hear you screaming from the other room. He might look a bit flustered.] Really subtle, Dee.

I wasn't going for subtle. I was going for "triumphant return"! [He huffs, raising his voice so that the whole room can hear his next statement]

It's not my fault that no one in this office has any heart or soul!

We missed you, see?

[He removes the pile of papers in front of Dee's computer so he can see the screen. Is filled with post-it from their co-workers and there's all sort of messages.

They go from 'Get well, sexy' from Diana too a 'I ate the sandwich you left in the fridge' of Drake. There were a lot of heart shaped ones from JJ, but the scribbling was unintelligible because he cried over most of them. Ryo didn't like those but he didn't had the heart to take throw them away. There's even a tiny one from Berkeley and a bigger one from the Chief. 'Get back to work soon' is the last line and a lot of '!!!!!!!' follows it.]

[Dee reads through them, surprised at first, but smiling fondly as he gets into it. There's even one from Janet at the front desk stuck in there. It takes him a moment, but he finally gets through all of them]

How come there isn't one from you on there, huh? [He's mostly joking, but it is a fact that didn't escape his notice]

Because I will give you my well wishes in person later. [Ryo smiles, mischievous for once, and sits in his desk. He's happy that Dee's back.]

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[Have the lonely sound of a modest golf clap just for you.]

...if you're being sarcastic, you can cut the shit, man.

Naw. I just thought one single guy making too big a fuss would sound even more pathetic. The lack of reaction out there was kinda depressing after you went and made a big production out of it.

Oh, well. Thanks, then. Apparently they do actually care, though. There are a lot of notes and stuff on my desk about it. I guess... They're just not ready to handle my personality being back on the job as well as me, or something like that.

Detective Dee Laytner, 27th Precinct. Who're you?

I never heard of you before. I'm the awesome kingdom of Prussia.

..."the kingdom of Prussia"?

[Congrats, Prussia, you're the first country he's ever talked to. I...I think XD;;]

[this will be fun.] Ja, the Kingdom.

Oh, you've recovered! I was beginning to worry.

I hadn't heard from you in quite a while, so of course.

Oh. Yeah, well.

You. You do know that I got shot, right? That's what put me out for so long, that is.

I remember. But things can go well after you're shot, or get even worse.

Thanks, Mag. It's nice to see that at least someone cares.

Of course I care. I'm glad your leg is all better now.

Yep! All better! I still have a couple physical therapy sessions, but they've cleared me for all the physical activity that it takes to be a cop, so. I get to come back to work.

Fantastic! I'm sure it'll be nice to not be stuck in your apartment anymore. Even if there is paperwork to be done.

God. You're telling me!

Thanks for coming over all those times, though, Mag. Sometimes it felt like I was going to lose my mind, "resting" and all. I might not've been the best host, either, but. You really saved me a couple times, there. Thanks, babe.

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