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amourde_patou wrote in dramadramaduck
Your the one who kissed me I know it!

[ Momo giving Kairi a strange look and laughed a bit. ]
Sorry Kairi it wasn't me, it was actually the lifeguard-

But I felt your long and beautiful hair in my face! It was you, I know it!!
Eh...it was the lifeguard I swear. The one with the long hair. The only thing I did was save you from the water. He was the one who brought you back to life.

[ As she laughed a bit, Kairi spat from his mouth and cried slightly. Walking closer to Momo he went on his knees. ]

No way! That's so sick!
Let's just call it Karma. But now thanks to your stupid rumor, now everyone thinks we kissed! I don't even like you! I don't even know you! The one I love is Togi! Now your going to fix this understood? But tell me how first.

[ Kairi getting back up smirked a bit. ]

How about we make our little rumor true?

[ He quickly went in and kissed Momo on the lips. As they kissed, he went on to grab her hip and slowly began to slide his hand under her shirt. But before he could do anymore, Momo kicked him away and began beating him with her purse. ]
Eww get away from you freak! Bastard! Asshole! Die you maggot!

[ Wack! Wack! ]

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do not like him

for being so forward?
I understand. [But she thinks he's kinda cute.]

Replies handwritten forever

Is that a normal way to react to a kiss from someone you don't like?

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