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[video] Did I tell you York's canon is strange?
The Red World
zach_is_with_me wrote in dramadramaduck
[If this is a virus video, it's notoriously boring. It opens with York and two other people (one, a young woman; the other, a gruff-looking man) standing in the rain, just outside a building. They're having some sort of argument; York insists he'll go in alone. The other two are offended by his attitude.

He goes in alone anyway.

Once inside, he exchanges a few words with his friend - whoever he is, he's still nowhere to be seen - ending with a cryptic
"Zach, they're here" and goes further in what is actually, by the looks of it, an abandoned lumbermill. Several surfaces are covered in red vines--

And then, they appear. The zombies, or whatever they are, bleed purple as York takes them down.

He progresses a little further, down into a hallway and there is a glimpse of a figure in a red raincoat, dragging an axe as it runs through a door. York follows into... a large room, with what appears to be an impressive red altar decorating a platform in the center.]

Just as I thought, Zach. This is where Anna was killed.

[... That's, uh, one hell of a daydream.]

((Cryptic canon move! If reading all that makes you want to punch me in the face... This post covers what happens in this video from 5:25 to 10:10, minus the commentary, of course.))

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... Well, it's a post, and it's definitely there.

But some have been daydreams.

Then this is the case? How is it coming?

I've found out some things about the killer.

That's great! Do you know who it is?

I know it isn't. Since time passes differently over there, I'm not sure how long it's been.

Not that long. I've just been to see the victim's body and the place where it was found.

He...the one is awful but it has been only one, hasn't it?

Edited at 2011-08-25 09:29 pm (UTC)

And there won't be any more, Roze.

I'm glad to hear that. It isn't my world but I don't like to see that just the same.

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