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♔ 4 | Just Some Princely Musing Gone Astray...
Writing is Hard...
not_a_clotpole wrote in dramadramaduck

[Isn't DDD lucky? They've gotten Arthur's Old English musings, anything he writes will be almost indiscipherable, except for perhaps the odd word here and there.

Should he appear on video he'll be speaking Old English too, which will be even harder to understand! He does have an expressive face though... ]

(I downloaded a Runes font and typed the above, it's not actually proper Old English, but hey it looks good.)

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Is that some sort of code?

[Arthur appears and frowns uncertainly. He's never seen this chap before and he certainly can't understand what he's saying. But he looks as confused as Arthur feels!]

"Hello? Is this the duck place again?"

[He speaks in strange dialect, seems more German then English.]

[And of course JJ didn't catch much of that.]


"I'm Prince Arthur of Camelot," [Arthur speaks slowly and loudly and might even wave his arms a bit.

Hopefully, no-one will walk into the room and see him yelling at a book and gesticulating.]

"Who are you?"

Did you say Camelot? Like knights and stuff?

Are you playing some kind of Dungeons and Dragons game?

"Yes! Knights!" [Arthur looks positively elated.] "Are you a knight as well? What kingdom are you from?"

[He catches enough of that to answer.]

I live in New York. I'm a cop.

Oh, and I'm J.J.

[Alas Arthur does not. It doesn't help that he's never heard of New York or cops.

He tilts his head quizzically.]

[J.J. blinks at him for a moment, awaiting a response. When he gets none he speaks.]

Umm. Well, maybe this language virus thing is a problem.

[He points at himself.]


"Sir Jay?" [Arthur finally hazards a guess at J.J's name. It'll probably do for now.]

"This is the duck place then?" [Here, J.J enjoy Arthur miming a duck quacking with his hand.] "Is this a virus then?"

.... Ducks...? Yes.

[Right, Arthur leans back relieved at getting that across.

But with the language barrier it's difficult to know what to say next.]

[J.J. looks uncomfortable for a moment then his head lowers and he seems to be scribbling something on some paper. Then he holds the paper up. On it is a very basic drawing of what seems to be a suit of armour with a jousting stick on a horse - or his idea of a knight. He points to the picture then to Arthur.]

[Arthur peers at the picture, a wry grin spreading across his face and he gives a nod.

He points back at J.J since he's under the impression JJ is also/b> a knight, which considering what a cop is might not be too far off the mark.]

[He grins back, not knowing the misunderstanding.]

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