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Drama, Drama, Duck

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It's like looking in a mirror
makewayforroze wrote in dramadramaduck
This town is small and it's boring. [The voice that begins to talk as soon as the video flickers on would sound mostly familiar but what's normally Roze's voice is now somehow...different. Maybe a bit louder, a bit lighter.

Something about her appearance is off too. She's traded her usual dresses for a halter top and skirt, a grin on her face that doesn't match her usual smile.]

They walk on hills and look at trees. I want to do something fun! Someone have some fun with me~.

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Nice new chassis, Roze.

What sort of fun?

Perfect timing for you to be a human! I can show you some fun things human can do!

I bet it wouldn't take long for you to get drunk since you've never had it before.

Really? I do enjoy having fun.

We will need to try and see.

Someone who wants to have fun! We just need a world hop and we'll be on our way~.

I apologize in advance for anything that might happen

Rose have one but she can't use it now because she got turned into a strange black and golden cat.

[Actually, and Umbreon, but he doesn't know what a pokemon is.] I could ask her. [He needs to do soemthing, waiting for his world to change back is getting on his nerves.]

No, I apologize T_T I really do

[For that, he gets a happy grin.]

Alright, I'll wait~. Just don't make me wait too long, alright?

Oh but this is beautiful

[She gets a smirk for that.] Impatient, aren't we? What's the name of your world, Roze?

I must admit I never thought I'd be playing someone who got a robot drunk

[She would give him the address. If he knew her better, he would recognize it as some place that isn't her home.]

Very impatient~.

Me either. It's the magic of this place

[He doesn't know her that better, sadly.]

[ooc: Should we set and rl? :3]

[ooc: Yep! What do you wanna do about world hops?]

[ooc: we can assume that he asked for one. Who sets the rl you or me?]

[ooc: Unless you mind, you can :) )

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