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A Mother's Touch
not_a_clotpole wrote in dramadramaduck
[Arthur is still unused to wearing the crowns of the King of Camelot. There were several available aside from the dreadful coronation crown, but not one of them was the least bit comfortable.

He tried the circlet one again, which really shouldn't be any different to the Crown Prince's circlet but for some reason it was.

With an annoyed huff, Arthur yanks the crown from his head and throws it aside.]

"You shouldn't worry so much about the crowns, dear. It's not them that make the king anyway."

[Arthur turns and smiles ruefully at the woman who has appeared in the doorway of his chambers. The family resemblance is startling, the woman having the same delicate features, blond hair and blue eyes.]

"So you say Mother, but as Gorlois never tires of telling me there's a certain expectation by the other kings."

[The woman, Ygraine, Queen of Camelot laughs and shakes her head walking over and patting her son on the cheek.] "You'll do fine."

"Sure and miracles will happen."

[The Queen's faith is not shaken.] "Yes, miracles do happen, my son." [She kisses his cheek.] "Now hurry up, you don't want to be late, what sort of impression will that make?"

[Arthur gives her a knightly salute.] "I'll do you proud, Mother." [And with that he leave his chambers, heading for the Council Chambers, head held high.]

(OOC: This is a mixture of the 'Rewind' Virus and the 'What If' virus. The what if being if his father's life had been taken rather than his mother's as part of the magic deal that led to his birth. The rewind being that he's now 21 having just come of age and been declared king in his own right. Have fun with him!)

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Okay, color me confused.

[Arthur gives a start, because what else can you do when a disembodied voice suddenly sounds. But then he realises it must be the duck people again, he heads over to his book which seems to have opened itself.]

"Oh...hello." [Arthur raises an eyebrow.] "Why would I colour you at all."

"Oh." [Future-speak seems to be deliberately confusing. But knowing that means he can concentrate on the next bit.]

"And what are you confused about? The crown? It's hideous, I know."

No, just the general...

[ She pauses. Okay, viruses. Right. ]

You know, it's probably just my imagination.

[Viruses indeed, although this one is a particularly cruel one...Arthur is not going to be happy when this one is over.]

"What's just your imagination?" [You've got him all curious now, Buffy!]

Imaginary... things. They're not relevant anyway and somehow I get the feeling you totally wouldn't believe them if I said something.

[ Plus, she's pretty sure he'd get mad. ]

[Arthur looks at her as if she's gone slightly mad.]

"Some sort of future thing, I suppose?" [Arthur decides that's the only explanation.

He shrugs and changes the subject.]
"I'm about to make my first speech to the people as their king," [he swallows slightly nervously.] "Mother assures me I'll do fine, but you know how mothers are."

Future thing! Yeah, exactly. Definitely a future thing.

[ So grateful for the subject change. ] Hey, just relax and think of everyone else in their underwear.

[Arthur looks at her rather amused, but her suggestion is met with complete bewilderment.]

"Underwear?" [Not really a medieval concept, Buffy.]

You know, they're like-- oh god, you don't know. I'm seriously about to give you underwear and totally get you guys to invent it years way earlier than you need to.

Uh-- just imagine everyone else is naked if you don't know what undies are.

[Arthur looks halfway between horrified and amused...]

"Naked? Why in God's name would I want to envision such a thing?"

'Cause if everyone's naked but you, then you're the only one who's not vulnerable right? It'll make you feel a lot better about talking.

[Arthur still looks utterly disgusted.] "I don't want to image that! The Council is full of old men!"

Okay, ew. Didn't know that. Imagine they're all pretty girls?

[Arthur might actually blush a little at that...not that he'd ever admit such a thing of course! No, never.]

"Do you...I mean...that wouldn't be very...chilvarious of me, would it?"

[Late reply is late!]

I lost any misconceptions I had about guys not thinking about girls like that in high school.

[ When she could read minds. :| Mucho disturbing. ]

As long as you don't do anything creepy you'll be fine.

"High school?" [Arthur is confused by the term.] "Well...I'll do my best not to slobber," [he says dryly.] "Still...I probably should concentrate on what's going on in these meetings...boring as they ware."

It's a future thing where everyone has to go to school. [ Pulling such a face. ] Guess that's true. All play and no work... I forget how the rest of that goes, but it's a bad combination.

[Arthur looks curious.] "Everyone? Even those who aren't noble? How does that work?"

[The phrase might not actually exist in Arthur's time, but he certainly gets the gist of it, chuckling and shaking his head.] "I know what you mean, thank God, Mother understands the importance of training for me...Not to mention for the guards."

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